Adapt your Sales Strategy to the 2020s

B2B sales cycles have changed, but most businesses have not kept pace.

Our Approach

We combine cutting-edge technology with proprietary sales methodologies to deliver an approach to selling that makes sense in an omnichannel world.


Digital will account for 80% of B2B sales channels by 2025 – and most buyers will be Millennials. We help you adapt to the digital landscape, using AI to unlock new opportunities, maximise impact and reduce waste.

Omnichannel strategies 

B2B buyers now use 10 or more channels to interact with brands. Sales 4.0 outsourcing ensures you meet them at every touchpoint with a consistent selling story – from LinkedIn prospecting, voice and video messaging to email cadences, targeted Paid media and Account Based Marketing (ABM).

High-intensity training 

Sales 4.0 is all about adapting to technological change. Our premium outsourced Business Development Managers (BDMs) undertake continuous, high-intensity training to develop expertise in new platforms and cutting-edge tools. They become a highly trained and enabled extension to your sales teams.

Sustainable growth 

The pace of change in B2B sales has accelerated, and Sales 4.0 is designed to adapt over time. We prioritise technological education and strategic vision – to ensure you experience faster growth in both the short and long term.

What Makes Sales 4.0 Different? 

Focus on value

We fix “leaks” in the traditional funnel by shifting from a volume-based approach to prospecting to one that targets the right buyers – and delivers comprehensive nurture campaigns.

Access to innovation

From our proprietary ML solution Prospect Intelligence to extensive process automation, the Sales 4.0 methodology ensures you make use of the most advanced B2B sales technology.

Blended teams 

Sales 4.0 outsourcing provides a flexible extension to your existing sales team. This enables you to access the talent that best suits your specific needs – covering every skill set at any scale.

We become an extension to your sales team and often the branded BDM’s that work on our clients’ programmes are, overtime, nurtured into more advanced sales roles client side.

Operational Excellence

Matter has over 100 years’ experience generating leads for the world’s biggest B2B brands. This gives us deep insight into the way sales has evolved – and has ultimately led us to develop the concept of Sales 4.0.

Our Sales 4.0 operational blueprint allows us to successfully operate multiple client programmes simultaneously and produce results that could not be replicated in an internal or other outsourced setting


Created £7m in sales pipeline and 15 SQL’s per month.

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