Integration with marketing

Go Beyond Sales and Marketing Alignment

We fully integrate sales and marketing departments to surpass alignment and provide an unparalleled buyer experience.

Our Approach

Organisations that align sales and marketing are 3x more likely to exceed new customer acquisition targets.

Centralised prospect universe 

We build a clearly defined and sized prospect universe and identify your ICP. This serves as a constant reference point for everything that sales and marketing do – ensuring we hit the right message at every stage of the funnel.

Proposition engineering 

Our integrated approach to sales and marketing enables us to build a single, consistent sales story that serves each stage of the buyer journey. This maximises conversion rates and helps marketing pass leads seamlessly onto sales.

Lead nurture 

15% of B2B organisations don’t include nurture in their marketing and sales process, and those that do struggle to deliver a cohesive experience for their buyers. We develop comprehensive nurture campaigns that ensure marketing and sales speak the same language and build a true relationship with your leads.

What Makes Us Different?

Laser-focused ML data 

We use Prospect Intelligence’s proprietary AI models to find true lookalike prospects without using SIC codes – so you access the best data, not just the available data.

Funnel mapping  

Our integrated sales and marketing model enables proactive mapping of future opportunities, so we can build your pipeline faster.

Real-time data

We provide fully transparent real-time dashboards to track all activities and tie them back to the metric that matters most – measurable business growth.

Briggs equipment

£12m – £15m per month of qualified new in-market pipeline.

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