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Tripling Quality Leads Using Data

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Targeting Clinical Directors Effectively

We used Prospect Intelligence™ to map the entire UK market, build a robust ICP and deliver a new selling story that connected with Clinical Directors.

  • Market Mapping
  • Paid Media
  • Web Design

the challenge

To Clarify a Complex Proposition

Plasma Pen had everything: a cutting-edge plasma fibroblasting device, a strong user base and growing brand. But not every aesthetician was ready to invest in such innovative technology.

Targeting Tech-Forward Clinics

Our task was to map the entire UK market and create an addressable audience specialist clinics with a high propensity to use state-of-the-art technology. Then we had to realign the brand’s sales proposition to connect with such a complex audience.

THE solution

The Wizard of Odds

Prospect Intelligence™ was the perfect tool to take the guesswork out of the brand’s sales strategy. It is our in-house AI tool which uses advanced NLP to scan the website of every registered UK company in real-time. We then used the tool’s Machine Learning capabilities to analyse the characteristics of Plasma Pen’s best existing customers – and leveraged our database of UK companies to reverse engineer an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that would be most likely to convert.

Two professionals smiling at a computer screen in a business environment

Unveiling Plasma Pen’s Ideal Customer Profile

Armed with this data, we used our brand positioning method to redefine their selling story in-line with the ICP – and create a messaging framework that addressed the ICP’s pain points and ensured the brand would connect with Clinical Directors at every stage of the funnel.

THE results

More Leads, Lower Costs

The combination of a data-driven targeting effort with improved strategic messaging unlocked huge efficiency gains. Not only did we increase the brand’s Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by 250%, we simultaneously reduced CPAs – all within just 6 months.