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Creating Deeper Engagement Across Three Distinct Brands

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Creating deeper engagement across three distinct brands

We built a digital ecosystem strong enough to support three leading brands, developing a better website, a sustained digital presence and a pipeline that supports long-term growth.

  • Oranic Search
  • UX Design
  • Search

the challenge

Three Brands, One Website


Kelling Group is a leading supplier of strategic equipment to construction and infrastructure projects. But with three separate brands to support, their digital presence was not deep enough to build genuine engagement.

Cohesive digital identity

We were enlisted to create a comprehensive digital presence that would properly serve each brand. Which meant ensuring resources were evenly distributed and each brand had a distinctive feel across the entire digital journey.

the solution

Delivering At Every Touchpoint

The project began by laying the right foundations: a highly detailed, easy to navigate website that provided a depth of information competitors could not compete with. But we knew simply creating a website was not enough:

  • Expanded scope to cover all aspects of the digital buyer journey
  • Ensured clear communication of value for each of Kelling’s brands
  • Provided high-value content such as infographics and an eco-calculator
  • Implemented strategies to drive traffic across search, including both organic and paid
  • Carefully tracked performance metrics to capitalize on long-term investment
  • Delayed or inconsistent responses

the Results

A digital presence to match their ambitions

Kelling Group started the process with three market-leading businesses. We turned them into three genuine brands, each garnering 1,000s of website visitors – and experiencing the commercial growth to back that up.

  • 26.4%

    increase in conversions
  • 38%

    increase in engagement
  • 29%

    increase in returning visitors
  • 49%

    increase in unique users