CX Mait®

Augment Your Team’s Capability with CX Mait®

CX Mait® uses sophisticated AI to give your sales and customer services team a single source of detailed product and brand knowledge.

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Customer Service Drives Brand Performance

Every interaction with a buyer influences your brand and has the potential to increase deal value.

But most B2B companies struggle to deliver consistent, high-value information across every touch point – and most sales and customer service professionals cannot maintain total knowledge of your products.

Problems with traditional customer service:

  • Longer response times
  • Increased workload
  • Potential for human errors
  • Difficulty in scaling customer service operations
  • Higher operational costs
  • Delayed or inconsistent responses
84% of B2B buyers say it takes too long to get information back from suppliers.
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CX Mait® equips you with a comprehensive source for customer service information.

From assessing complicated customer support situations to delivering consistent brand messaging, the system provides objective, real-time information 24/7 to augment human performance and ensure your brand offers best-in-class service.

CX Mait® Enables Your Teams to:

Personalise Service 

Our CX Mait® not only answers generic queries but also client-specific questions, such as order status or account-specific requests. This helps your customer service and sales teams to quickly deliver highly personalised service that earns loyalty and builds your brand reputation.

Increase Operational Efficiency 

With real-time access to detailed information and insights, your teams can resolve issues more quickly, provide prospects with more authoritative information and reduce overheads.

Monitor Activity 

The CX Mait® system features a “Human Overlord” module that allows your teams to monitor ongoing and recently resolved queries to understand how customers are interacting with your brand and make informed strategic decisions.


  • How does CX Mait® stay updated with our company’s information? 

    CX Mait® is designed to ingest all of your company’s latest information and updates, ensuring that it provides your team with the most current and accurate data available. This process can be automated or manually controlled, depending on your preferences.

  • Is CX Mait® suitable for all types of businesses?

    CX Mait® is particularly beneficial for B2B companies that require a deep understanding of complex products and services or have a high velocity of interactions. However, its capabilities can be adapted to suit a wide range of industries and business sizes.

  • What makes CX Mait® different from other AI customer service tools?

    Unlike other tools that may offer generic responses, CX Mait® integrates with your company’s information ecosystem to provide detailed, objective, and if required, real-time information. Its ability to personalise responses and its inclusion of a monitoring module for strategic insights set it apart.

  • How can CX Mait® be personalised for each client?

    CX Mait® is capable of handling both generic queries and also client-specific queries, including order status or account-specific requests, by integrating into your company’s management systems. This functionality allows for highly personalised, efficient service that builds loyalty and supports your brand’s reputation.

  • How can we get started with CX Mait®?

    You can begin by booking a demo with us. During the demo, we’ll show you how CX Mait® works, how it can be integrated into your operations, and how it can be customised to meet your specific needs.