CRM Unlock®

Discover the True Value of Your Customer Data

CRM Unlock® helps you prioritise high-value prospects, remove duplicates and understand your customers better.

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Using Your CRM is Like Sifting for Gold

You already have the contact details of many high-value prospects. But they are hidden amongst thousands of bad leads, outdated insights and data duplicates.

50% of Sales Managers say their CRM is hard to use effectively.
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CRM Unlock® is a metal detector that helps you find prospecting gold

It uses machine learning to analyse your customer data, pointing you towards contacts that present the best commercial opportunities.

This enables you to:

Understand Your ICPs

The fastest way to grow your business is to replicate your biggest historical deals.
CRM Unlock® uses your customer data to build a reliable and robust lookalike audience – and find new prospects that match it and are most likely to make similar purchases.

Find Lost Opportunities

Most B2B businesses eventually stop communicating with leads if they don’t convert, but those leads may still be valuable. CRM Unlock® locates companies within your CRM that match your ICP but are not being prioritised – so you can reconnect with them and turn them into highly qualified leads.

Remove Bad Leads

Every CRM contains poor quality leads or duplicates that have the potential to waste valuable time and resources.
CRM Unlock® identifies these companies to save you time, reduce wasted effort and streamline your system.


  • What is CRM Unlock™?

    CRM Unlock™ is a powerful tool designed to maximise the value of your customer data by helping you prioritise high-value prospects, eliminate waste, and gain deeper insights into your customers, leveraging machine learning to uncover the most promising commercial opportunities within your CRM.

  • How does CRM Unlock™ improve my CRM’s effectiveness?

    CRM Unlock™ acts as a precision tool within your CRM, employing machine learning to highlight valuable prospects amidst obsolete and duplicated data. This process makes your CRM more manageable and increases its productivity.

  • Can CRM Unlock™ help me find new prospects similar to my best customers?

    Yes, CRM Unlock™ specialises in building lookalike audiences based on your historical deals, enabling you to find new prospects that closely match your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and are more likely to make similar purchases, thereby growing your business faster.

  • How does CRM Unlock™ help with leads that haven’t converted yet?

    CRM Unlock™ identifies leads within your CRM that match your ICP but may have been overlooked or not prioritised, allowing you to reconnect with them and convert these previously lost opportunities into highly qualified leads.

  • What benefits does removing bad leads and duplicates with CRM Unlock™ offer?

    By identifying and removing poor-quality leads and duplicates from your CRM, CRM Unlock™ saves you time, reduces wasted effort, and streamlines your system, allowing your team to focus on engaging with high-potential prospects and driving growth.