Driving Growth for Moneycorp Throughout the Pandemic & Beyond

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Scaling Lead Generation with 400%+ ROI

We helped a major cross-border payments & foreign exchange brand adapt to the ‘new normal’, then scale their B2B inbound lead generation, using integrated paid media across 10 different strategies – delivering a 400%+ ROI.

  • Display
  • Paid Media
  • Retargeting

the challenge

Connecting with Corporates During COVID-19


Moneycorp is a global player in foreign exchange, offering services that can move funds between more than 190 countries. But when COVID-19 hit, their corporate lead generation strategy was turned on its head.

Digital Pivot

Unable to rely on events and face-to-face opportunities, they turned to us to drive high-value corporate enquiries through digital marketing alone. We needed to find a way to connect with the right people at the right time – all on a limited budget.

the solution

Small Budget, Big Contracts


The project began with an always-on niche PPC and retargeting strategy – using highly optimised landing pages, an advanced measurement framework focusing on their CRM, and a weekly marketing and sales team feedback loop.

Acquiring High -Value Leads

As a result, with over 2 years of optimisation, we were able to successfully acquire large high-value leads from PPC using a niche understanding of keyword intent – and win accounts worth millions. The initial phases of the project generated a total ROI of 400%+. But rather than simply rest on our laurels, we were ready to take things to the next level.

the scale-up

Making Data Go Further

After this initial success, Moneycorp asked us to scale our efforts in Q4 of 2022. They gave us a 100% budget increase – based on an expectation that we could increase inbound lead volumes by 170%.

Scaling Success

The only problem was, our initial strategy was not built to scale – there simply wasn’t enough volume or targeting capability available within just PPC. Instead, we created an integrated media strategy across 10 different line items, that built in the importance of B2B awareness & consideration, even for lead gen campaigns. We also utilised our AI-driven Prospect Intelligence™ tool to map the brand’s full UK addressable audience.

the results

An Inbound Strategy Fit For the Future

The pandemic has changed B2B decision making, and therefore how brands can best reach their target audiences, with working from home now playing a key role in the buying group’s research. But our data-driven, integrated approach enabled Moneycorp to thrive in this new environment.

Adapting to the Change

Not only did we more than deliver on our target of a 170% lead increase – we prepared the brand for future disruptions.